Aquanet pool safety net prevents drowning

Aqua-Net Pool Safety Net

…for complete peace of mind

Drowning is a quick and silent killer. As you know, in the time it takes to answer the phone, go to the bathroom or answer the doorbell, a child can silently fall into the water and drown or sustain permanent brain damage. The Aqua-Net swimming pool safety net was launched in 1972, and has been used by concerned parents for more than 40 years. To date, there have been ZERO reported drownings in a pool with an Aqua-Net installed – that is to say a 100% safety record!

Aquanet pool safety net system fits any shape or size of pool


The Aqua-net is a simple system  •  Fitted under tension across the pool  •  Completely blocks access  •  Easily fitted and removed by an adult  •  Custom fitted to any shape or size of pool  •  Blends beautifully with pool and garden  •  Does not block view  •  Available in blue, black or beige  •  3-year guarantee

Aquanet pool safety net is safe for kids


More than 40 years with a 100% safety record  •  Prevents drowning  •  Supports a crawling baby off the water at pool edge  •  Pre-shrunk 80 mm mesh adheres to international safety net standards  •  The Aqua-Net has a breaking strain over 150 kg  •  Fitted under tension and a child cannot lift or crawl under the net

Aquanet pool safety net comprises quality components


Manufactured from UV-treated polyethelene braid  •  Resistant to sunlight, water, acid, pool chemicals  •  Life expectancy of 7 to 8 years  •  Unique Central Tensioning System allows net to be tightly locked  •  Central float keeps net at constant height above water level  •  Hand roller for easy removal and storage of net  •  Optional Aqua-Net alarm available

Why choose an Aqua-Net instead of a fence?


  • The Aqua-Net is strong and safe. It has a 100% safety record over more than 40 years.
  • The Aqua-Net looks good on your pool. It is customized on site to your pool’s size and shape. The design and stylish central float complement the pool colours.
  • The net is low profile and does not spoil the view or design of your garden.
  • It is easy to remove and store away.
  • The Aqua-Net is maintenance free. It does not need cleaning or special treatment.
  • The mounting plates are very low, flat, and UV-resistant. They do not get hot and are rounded to prevent injury to little feet.

What is the difference between a pool net and a pool cover?

A pool cover is not necessarily a safety device. A pool can even be a safety hazard for kids. Children have been known to slip under loose edges of PVC covers. Water can also collect on top of these and present a drowning risk. The usual purpose of a pool cover is to keep leaves and sand from blowing into the pool. Some pool covers can also insulate the pool, maintaining water temperatures warm or cool.

A pool net is a child safety device. It can prevent drowning by forming a secure barrier between your child and the water.

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